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Via Sancta is the official link of Ephesus Travel and Tours in all its pilgrimages to the Holyland, Europe, Middle East and other religious sites of faith. Now offering too local pilgrimages within the Philippines.

An exceptional journey awaits you, an experience to reconnect yourself to the paths and ways towards where miracles of life were witnessed. It’s time for you to have a personal connection by witnessing, touching and being at the places closest to the mysteries and history of the Holy sites.

Ephesus Travel and Tours as the mother company had been organizing international pilgrimage tours to the Holy land and other countries/cities of Holy sites since 1996. This is the company’s main thrust and the main reason for its existence is to be one of the pioneers in organizing pilgrimages and its apostolate to bring more people closer to God through its pilgrimages.

Celebrating its 20th year in 2016, the management thought of expanding further its horizon by creating separate sites for all its products, thus, an exclusive site for all its pilgrimages has been carefully thought of and named it VIA SANCTA!

re-Discover Yourself on a Pilgrimage Tour

pilgrimage tours

Best Lent Ever: Rediscover the Saints with Matthew Kelly

Explore Places. Discover Yourself.

Renew Your Devotion and Faith by being there where it all happened.

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